Black Velvet

100 ML


The Netherlands 1-2 days

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Introducing Black Velvet – a tantalizing fragrance that embodies elegance, mystery and sophistication. This fragrance is designed for individuals who appreciate a unique and luxurious aroma.

The top notes of Black Velvet feature a harmonious blend of bergamot, blood orange and lavender, which create a refreshing and invigorating sensation on your senses. In the heart of this fragrance, you will find a captivating combination of jasmine, cinnamon and licorice. This results in a warm and spicy aroma that is both seductive and alluring.

Finally, the base notes of musk, vanille and caramel create a deep, sweet and creamy scent that leaves a lasting impression. Black Velvet is perfect for individuals who want to make a bold and confident statement.

The fragrance comes in an elegant bottle that reflects the luxurious quality of the scent inside. Whether you are preparing for a special occasion or looking for a fragrance to wear daily, Black Velvet is the perfect choice. Indulge in the seductive and sophisticated aroma of Black Velvet and elevate your fragrance collection today.

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Destination Rate Delivery time
Netherlands €6,00 1-2 days
Belgium €6,00 2-3 days
Luxembourg €6,00 2-3 days
Germany €12,00 2-3 days
Bulgaria €18,00 3-5 days
Denmark €18,00 3-5 days
Estonia €23,00 4-5 days
Latvia €23,00 4-5 days
Lithuania €23,00 4-5 days
Finland €23,00 5-6 days
France €13,00 3-4 days
Greece €18,00 5-7 days
Britain €18,00 2-4 days
Hungary €18,00 3-4 days
Slovenia €18,00 3-4 days
Slovakia €18,00 3-4 days
Croatia €18,00 3-4 days
Ireland €18,00 3-5 days
Austria €13,00 2-4 days
Poland €13,00 2-4 days
Portugal €18,00 4-5 days
Romania €18,00 3-5 days
Spain €18,00 3-5 days
Czech Republic €18,00 3-4 days
Sweden €22,00 3-4 days
USA €61,00 6-8 days

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